A Ledbury Celebration on Ledbury High Street – Sunday 8th July

Canapes by Gill, Ledbury Celebration 2017

Ledbury’s High Street is the place for a town party and food fair celebrating all that’s best in Ledbury on the last day of the Ledbury Poetry Festival.

Food and drink stalls will recall markets of yore lining Ledbury’s historic High Street leading to an entertainment area around the 17th century Market House.

The poetry and music stage compered by comedy poet Rob Barrett will provide entertainment from 12 noon to 5pm featuring poets Kurly McGeachie (“hip hop Shakespeare”) and Nico Reznick, plus music from the Ludlow Jazz Collective and SassCappella singing group, and dance from 365Dance. Continue reading “A Ledbury Celebration on Ledbury High Street – Sunday 8th July”

May Recipe: Kashmir Lamb with Spinach

This is somewhat exotic but spinach is in season now and its a lovely recipe. If you really do not want to use cream then low fat crème fraiche would be fine instead.

May I recommend Matt’s Kitchin, a new venture in the Homend Mall. The trained chef makes his own home cooked meals to take away and also sells small quantities of spices, which are very useful if you do not use them very often as out of date spices are no good at all and will not impart any flavour, best put in the bin I am afraid. A wide range of spices in small refill sachets is also available in Handley Organics. Continue reading “May Recipe: Kashmir Lamb with Spinach”

Blossomtime in Putley with The Big Apple Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May 2018

Putley is preparing for the annual celebration of its orchards, which this year will take place on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May. Blossomtime in Putley is centred on a cider tasting in the village hall, based on entries from the Big Apple Cider and Perry Trials with over 150 ciders and perries available to taste – including our highest ever number of dry ciders.

Together with its surrounding parishes, Putley is famous for its orchards, and the mix of dessert and cider fruit means that there will be blossom somewhere at this time of year. Visitors can walk through the orchards, taste the ciders, enjoy a home-made lunch or tea – and discover for themselves why orchards are special places and apples matter to us all. On Monday morning, the Skittery family will welcome visitors to see how Jus, their award winning single variety apple juice, is made at Birchall Farm in Aylton. Continue reading “Blossomtime in Putley with The Big Apple Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May 2018”

Photographic Exhibition – “A Fruit Farming Year: Nature and Nurture” May 26 – June 9

Wildflowers in the orchards at Castle Fruit Farm by Pat Strauss

Ledbury Food Group’s eagerly awaited photographic exhibition “A Fruit Farming Year: Nature and Nurture”, featuring photos by local photographer Pat Strauss, will be on display from 26 May – 9 June in the Panelled Room of the Master’s House.

Ledbury Food Group arranged for Pat to visited the family-run modern commercial orchards of Castle Fruit Farm throughout one farming year. Expecting perhaps a simple cycle of planting, growing and picking, we discover instead a myriad of diverse but interconnected activities. In winter, when the countryside appears dormant, we see workers juggling the weather to plant and protect young trees, alongside bird netting and counting, and putting up nesting boxes. Migrating birds are orchard “workers” too, clearing pests and cleaning up unharvested fruit.

Continue reading “Photographic Exhibition – “A Fruit Farming Year: Nature and Nurture” May 26 – June 9″

Where do I find fresh local greengrocery?

Many will have been disappointed by the recent closure of Gladwyn’s greengrocery shop in New Street Ledbury at the end of February as a result of the retirement from the business of the proprietors. Gladwyn’s were good at sourcing as much local produce as possible, and offered paper (not plastic) bags, bird food and amazing free range eggs. One of our members wrote to us about the eggs:

… some of which were so large they didn’t fit in normal egg boxes. I hope you can find out who actually supplied them with these lovely eggs, so I can continue to buy them.

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