February Recipe: Rhubarb and Vanilla Trifle

buy Pregabalin I hope you enjoy this recipe, it is a little bit different from ordinary trifles. Do use full fat milk when making the custard for this trifle.  If you want to cut back on the fat content you can always put natural yoghurt on the top instead of double cream.  In fact I use natural yoghurt a lot in place of cream, such as on my pavolas which are very sweet in any case.  I think you could use an alternative to strawberry jam if you have other jams in stock, although strawberries and rhubarb go surprisingly well.  I think marmalade would also work as rhubarb and orange is a good combination. Continue reading “February Recipe: Rhubarb and Vanilla Trifle”

January Recipe: Chicken Casserole with English Ale & Stilton Walnut Dumplings

follow I have found a very seasonal recipe with winter vegetables and using up some of the leftover stilton that you may still have from Christmas, which is I am informed is the best time of year to buy Stilton.  I adore dumplings but don’t, I must confess, make them very often.  However, they seem ideal at this dismal, dark time of year – I am not a winter person as you will gather, despite having a January birthday!

I am sure you will enjoy the recipe.  Any English Ale will do of course, preferably a local one! Continue reading “January Recipe: Chicken Casserole with English Ale & Stilton Walnut Dumplings”

December Recipe: Tear and Share Stollen Ring

I am going to encourage those of you who have never used yeast, or made bread, to give this recipe a go as Stollen is such a traditional Christmas ingredient, although obviously not originating in the UK.  A tip is to make sure that the milk you add is only lukewarm, too hot and you will kill the yeast and your dough won’t rise.  I put mine to prove in my airing cupboard, but anywhere warm and free of draughts is suitable, so not near a window or open door!  You can of course make your own marzipan too but that might be a step too far, although actually it is quite an easy process. Continue reading “December Recipe: Tear and Share Stollen Ring”

September Recipe: Chicken with Pears, Ginger and Masala

I do hope you all enjoy this month’s recipe.  It is courtesy of one of my favourite food writers – Diane Henry – whose recipes are a little bit ‘different’, always successful, never too complicated and more to the point tasty!  I have several of her cookery books and met her personally at Books for Cooks where she hosted a lunch of her recipes, she was very Irish, very chatty and very entertaining.  She writes weekly in The Telegraph colour supplement. Continue reading “September Recipe: Chicken with Pears, Ginger and Masala”