September Recipe: Chicken with Pears, Ginger and Masala

follow url I do hope you all enjoy this month’s recipe.  It is courtesy of one of my favourite food writers – Diane Henry – whose recipes are a little bit ‘different’, always successful, never too complicated and more to the point tasty!  I have several of her cookery books and met her personally at Books for Cooks where she hosted a lunch of her recipes, she was very Irish, very chatty and very entertaining.  She writes weekly in The Telegraph colour supplement. Continue reading “September Recipe: Chicken with Pears, Ginger and Masala”

July Recipe – Creamy Lamb Casserole with Fennel and White Beans

A savoury recipe for this month using lamb and fennel which are both in season at present.  Fennel is used a lot in Italian cookery and is delicious raw in salads, made into soup or roasted.  I visited a lovely garden near Worcester a couple of weeks ago, and the owner was growing his own fennel very successfully. Continue reading “July Recipe – Creamy Lamb Casserole with Fennel and White Beans”

June Recipe: Raspberry and Cinnamon Torte with Raspberry Sauce

My recipe this month is a real favourite of mine and is very versatile.  I have made it with blueberries and indeed it could be made with gooseberries, although I would recommend cooking those first in a pan with 2 tablespoons of honey and a splash of water until they start to burst, and making sure they are very well drained.  You could also use strawberries and cut them up in to reasonable sized pieces first. Continue reading “June Recipe: Raspberry and Cinnamon Torte with Raspberry Sauce”

April Recipe: Lemon Ricotta Cake

eggsbutterLamb and lemon recipes are for some reason both associated with the Easter period.  I feel that I have supplied you with a lot of savoury recipes in the past and so am giving you a dessert / cake recipe which includes lemons.  Please buy the unwaxed ones if possible, or if you do get the waxed ones make sure you scrub the skins well as they have been sprayed.

Two tips, one = you get more juice from fruit if you roll it gently first with the palm of your hand, it breaks down the internal fibres and does work I promise!  The Chef at Croydon Catering College taught me that one, or zap it briefly in the  microwave he said.  Continue reading “April Recipe: Lemon Ricotta Cake”