The Hotel Inspector gives Ledbury the thumbs up

Alex Polizzi, TV’s Hotel Inspector, enjoyed glamping in Herefordshire and was delighted by her visit to Ledbury:

‘There are lovely walks in the area, but as almost always, the lure of a town proved greater, and I had the excuse of needing to buy the ingredients for a stew. We bought beef at the award-winning Llandinabo Farm Shop in Ledbury, had a quick lunch at the Cameron & Swan cafĂ© and delicatessen, invested in a bottle of Champagne at Hay Wines, bought a few early Christmas presents at Tinsmiths … ‘

The full story is here:

Confessions of a convert to camping

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One Reply to “The Hotel Inspector gives Ledbury the thumbs up”

  1. Won’t catch me camping. Been there, done that, got the muddy tee-shirt. I now prefer a more luxurious way to spend hard earned break-time. I will however concede that you can cook some sublime meals whilst camping – like burnt sausage of any variety, extremely burn sausage that should be binned but you haven’t eaten all week and weetabix. Two for breakfast and four for dinner. Sublime. Then it’s down the pub for a couple of real ales and some decent grub. One thing I have to say though, it’s about all this sustainable food. Food is only sustainable whilst you are eating it. Then it’s all gone!

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