Hurrah For The Big Breakfast!

We’ve all been talking about it and it would appear that both from the customers’ point of view as well as the participating cafes and retailers The Big Breakfast was a great success. Many have reported that they could see it being a regular event, or will definitely be putting some of their breakfast ‘specialities’ on their menus in future.

Muse Cafe Muesli, Compote and Yoghurt
Muse Cafe Muesli, Compote and Yoghurt

The general consensus is that it was a good promotional profile for the town in every way, not only showcasing the area’s strengths in locally sourced and/or produced quality food but also marketing the town’s convivial atmosphere. Friday’s and Saturdays in Ledbury have always had that lovely ‘bustle’ a market town can provide. Residents and visitors alike love its ‘timeless quality’, individuality and inclusivity. Events like The Big Breakfast press home the message………..

I managed to sample the Continental Breakfast at the Muse Café and was recommended the homemade fruit compote by a customer – delicious with muesli and yoghurt! The table was burgeoning with homemade scones, jams, breads etc plus local ham and Hereford Hop cheese – I could have eaten the lot it was so tempting. Saturday we had Eggy Bread and bacon…and one full English bap (black pudding). The waistband was showing signs of tightening so I had to stop there… Members of the Ledbury Food Group have all reported their visits to various venues over the few days, so I suspect they have had a similar experience which speaks volumes for the fare on offer!! Of course we will have to do it again…. if only for us to get round to the ones we missed!!

Now I have to give credit to Griff and the food group members who did such sterling work drumming up support from retailers between Christmas and the event. The delivery of the National Farmhouse Breakfast week posters to venues, followed by the daily dispersal of advertising leaflets, (listing the participants and their locally sourced and produced ‘specialities’) to people in the street was crucial. I’m quite sure that without that input which encouraged Ledbury vendors to partake and subsequently help raise the awareness of the public, The Big Breakfast may well have been The Small Breakfast. And for many visitors to Ledbury, if they hadn’t been aware before of those destinations itemized and what they ‘do’ in our town – they are now……..which was the object of the exercise!

PS Thank you Fran for the handling of the publicity in the local press. It’s been good to see Ledbury and the Ledbury Food Group in the the papers for the best of all possible reasons…………….

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