Ledbury Food Group at the Ox Roast Weekend 1st & 2nd June

Ledbury market
Ledbury market

We will be there at the Ox Roast weekend on both Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June.

On the Community Day – Saturday 1st June – we will be at the Market House from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. Do come along and have a chat.

On the Ox Roast Day – Sunday 2nd June – we have a great series of speakers lined up at the Feathers Hotel. Just drop in – there is no charge. Donations will be invited to Ledbury Ox Roast, with all proceeds to support the work of St Michael’s Hospice. Our speakers will be:

Talks Programme

11.30 Why Cattle Still Matter – Will Edwards. Herefordshire farmer Will Edwards is a founder member of the newly formed Pasture-Fed Livestock Association.  Will is going to talk about why grazing cattle on pasture is great for the cattle, the ecosystem and the health of the consumer.
13.15 Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? – Bill Sewell. Bill Sewell creates and runs cafés, including Café@AllSaints in Hereford.  His well-known recipe books mean that he is perhaps thought of first and foremost as a vegetarian.  Bill will tell the story of the journey that he and his cafés have made from pure vegetarianism to incorporating meat.
14.30 A Slap of the Hand – Bill Laws. ‘In those days a slap of the hand and the deal was done’.  It’s more than 20 years since author Bill Laws founded Herefordshire Lore, and this voluntary group has been busy ever since collecting and publishing people’s memories.  Bill will be sharing stories about the people and the animals that passed through Hereford Cattle Market, including the world-famous pedigree bull sales.
15.45 All in a Day’s Walk – Jess Allen. Jess Allen lives in a yurt at Caplor Farm near Fownhope. Last year, in the long dark wet and increasingly muddy days of December, she decided that she would eat only what she could source within walking distance of her home. She will tell us about how she uses walking and moving and talking in rural landscapes to address issues of environmental, social or political concern, and the new word ‘Tracktivism’ that she has coined to describe her work.

Many thanks to all of our speakers and to The Feathers Hotel for use of their room.

We also have a two page article coming out in June’s Ledbury Focus magazine – which will be distributed at the end of May. Do check it out.

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