Stop Press – Christmas shopping!

This year I am doing quite well on the old Christmas present front – which actually means I have bought things for the easy people in my life (daughters/sisters), have got some ideas for the less easy (mother-in-law) and am racking my brains for the tricky ones like sons & brothers-in-law!

But a quick foray into Ledbury today provided at least some of the answers in the shape of interesting books.  So, if you are stuck for a gift, how about:

World’s Best Cider: Taste, Tradition & Terroir, from Somerset to Seattle by Pete Brown and Bill Bradshaw

An entertainingly written guide to the very best cider in the world, beautifully illustrated with lots of photographs, including one of Once Upon a Tree’s Simon Day (with dog) and Tom from Oliver’s Cider & Perry.  And if you go to the Three Counties Cider Shop in Ledbury you might just get a signed copy!

Made in Herefordshire by Jo Hilditch, Patrick Barrett and Simon Wild

A collection of delicious and inspiring recipes from local food producers all using our lovely Herefordshire produce.  In her foreword, Jo says: “the spirit of cooperation, friendliness and open-minded adventure that our locals possess has made this book a joy to put together” and it shows, a real celebration of what Herefordshire has to offer.

And finally a book which, while not strictly “local” shares the values and ethos of the Ledbury Food Group, so I have included it here.

The Ethicurean Cookbook is as much a joy as eating at the eponymous restaurant at Wrington near Bristol, visit their website and see what I mean:  Subtitled Recipes, foods and spirituous liquors, from our bounteous walled garden in the several seasons of the year, the book sets out their unequivocal credentials: “British seasonality, ethical sourcing of ingredients and attention to the local environment are the foundations of our business”.  What is such a delight is that their food is as delicious as their principles are admirable!

What have you found in the way of ‘local’ gifts?

A final word.  You could buy all of these books from Amazon.  But for not very much more you could have the pleasure of going into a local shop, discussing your purchase with enthusiastic and knowledgeable people, knowing that you are supporting the local economy.  Which are you going to do?

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