Variety is the menu at Ledbury Big Breakfast 2014

We’re looking forward to this year’s Ledbury Big Breakfast on Friday 31st January and Saturday 1st February. Twenty-one cafes, shops, hotels, pubs, delis and markets in Ledbury and District are taking part to celebrate Farmhouse Breakfast Week, featuring special breakfast offerings as well as their normal menus.

Waller's Full Monty Breakfast Sausage
Waller’s Full Monty Breakfast Sausage

What could be better on a cold winter’s morning than a delicious breakfast that sets you up for the day? From freshly made drinks and smoothies at Ice Bytes to a Hearty Herefordshire Breakfast at Mrs Muffins or the Café at Nice Things), there is something for everyone. You can feast on devilled lamb’s kidneys with toasted homemade brioche at the Feathers, or eggs benedict at Chez Pascal or the Retreat, or you can go for bacon and eggs at a number of places. You can even choose a bacon bruschetta. There are lighter bites of all kinds such as “Herefordshire porridge” at the Market House Cafe, local patisserie at Cameron and Swan and a continental twist at the Shop at Bromsberrow, bacon and cheese scones at the Muse Cafe, rhubarb breakfast muffin at Roots Herefordshire, fruit salad and yoghurts…the list is endless

For those who want a breakfast to take home, the butchers or food shops will all have special offerings for you – bacon, sausages, including the intriguing Full Monty Breakfast sausage at Wallers, a special offer on local eggs at Gurneys, and delicious fresh fruit granola from Four Oaks Delicatessen. The wonderful scotch eggs from the Handmade Scotch Egg company are available at Handley’s Organics. At the Three Counties Cider Shop you can taste local apple juices and jams and on Saturday 1st February from 9.30am Rachel Hicks from Just Rachel Ice Creams will be offering samples of her new creation – Granola and Honey Ice Cream.

On Friday the winning sausage from the Sausage Competition run by Trumpet Corner café and Llandinabo Farm Shop will be available to eat or buy to take home. Entries are really rolling in for this. Katie Rolfe from Trumpet Corner said, “We’ve had some interesting entries so far, including the quirky, the out of ordinary and the traditional”. Friday is also the day for hearing Bawdy Tales from the Inns of Ledbury courtesy of Gareth Calan Davies whilst enjoying a filling brunch at the Talbot.

Don’t forget the markets – the Country Market will be serving local eggs, toast, preserves, muffins in their “Breakfast on the Go” on Friday. On Saturday Noggin Farm’s home produced pork and sausages will be on offer at Ledbury Market for you to take home for next week’s breakfasts.

We can’t wait…

See the events listing for more details of what is available and where, plus times of availability.

Tim of Wallers with the Full Monty Sausages
Tim of Wallers with the Full Monty Sausages


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