A Ledbury Celebration, food, drink, music, poetry – 13th July 2014

Many thanks to all who visited or took part in this special event run in partnership with the Ledbury Poetry Festival.   The weather cleared, the displays on the food stalls were fabulous, and once the music and poetry started so the beer, cider, perry and Derek’s special elderflower and lemon liqueur Proseccos started to be appreciated.

Derek of 3 Counties Liquers P1010424

Many thanks especially to our stallholders who worked a long day to make this all possible for us to enjoy.  It was a true celebration of our local food and drink blended with good music and poetry.

Irina and her bread P1010402

Please let us know what you thought of the day and ways in which we could make a future event even better by email to ask@ledburyfoodgroup.org or via our Twitter feed. More photos appear at the end of this article.

Some thoughts on cherries and plums.

Chrissie Bentley asked for poetic contributions on cherries and plums.  Here are some of them together with some more authentic ones:


Two cherries on the cherry-tree hung there quite enchantingly

And anyone who looked could see that cherries would blush so easily

When tickled pink to think of pies and twinkles in each other’s eyes.

Two cherries on a cherry tree tasted very good to me.

John Edward Smallshaw

Cherry Ripe

Cherry-ripe, ripe, I cry

Full and fair ones; come and buy

If so be you ask me where they do grow, I answer, There

Where my Julia’s lips do smile;

There’s the land or cherry-isle, whose plantations fully show

All the years where cherries grow

Robert Herrick


Handed to me in soft paper sack,

I transferred them

straight to a bowl.

Life can be a paper sack

of cherries,

but why live in Solihull

when you can live in Barbados?

They were EXQUISITE.

I ate them as quickly as I could

without taking in too much air,

squeezing the stones finger and thumb

over the vicarage wall.

I felt life

coursing through me

several hours later.



Some thoughts on plums…

my head looks like a mouldy plum

I think that’s why I look so glum


I am going to sit on my bum

And eat a plum


My love is like a plum

  • Plump
  • Lustrous
  • Unusual
  • Moist

Eat them slowly and enjoy their goodness

While the summer warmth lives in my heart


Cherries are red,

Plums are blue

That makes purple

Just like you!!!


Life is what you make it…

Plum pie is how you bake it.


Ode to Herman the Plum

Intense, round, plum coloured, ball of plumpness…with a stone

This is just to say…

I have eaten the plums that were in the ice-box

and which you were probably saving for breakfast

Forgive me they were delicious so sweet and so cold

William Carlos Williams

This is just to say

I have eaten the plums that were in the ice-box

then wrote a poem that was anthologised and read by millions

You were so understanding in the divorce court so sweet and cold

Barry Lane

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