Chickens, Chickens and More Chickens

More information about this planning application can be found on Facebook: The deadline for comments about the application is 14 November.

A planning application has been made to Herefordshire Council to develop a new poultry rearing site at Chance’s Pitch, Colwall. The proposal is for four rearing sheds each housing 50,000 birds, with a turnover of stock about every 7 weeks.

The site is close to the Ledbury to Malvern road (A449) neighbouring an existing potato store.
There is much local concern about this application which some see as industrialisation of our landscape.

What do you think?

  • Should we accept the principle of intensive farming as a means of providing affordable food?
  • Should we be pleased that local land and facilities are being employed to produce chicken products for the UK market?
  • Should we make a stand against intensive farming of this kind wherever it takes place?
  • Should we focus on where these facilities go to minimise impact on the environment and local landscape?


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One Reply to “Chickens, Chickens and More Chickens”

  1. *I don’t approve of intensive farming such as this.
    *I am not pleased that our land and facilities are used like this, there are much better ways.
    *Yes we should make a stand against it, in our county certainly, and probably in our country too.
    *Impact on landscape and environment is secondary to animal welfare and quality food.

    Please pass on my views, if they support the opposition to this planning application.

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