Milk Matters – What’s happened to our Milk?

What are the differences between the milk we buy at the supermarket and real milk?

Why do these differences exist and what are the health implications?

You are invited to join local author Rob Elliott and Sally Dean for another talk and discussion evening, this time to explore why milk is not like it used be. The evening is hosted by the Ledbury Library Development Group. John Barron, a local producer of scrumptious Jersey milk, will join us. You will have an opportunity to sample John’s milk and discover the true taste of milk as it used to be.

Dairy Cows

The event takes place in the Panelled Room at the Master’s House and Library in Ledbury at 7pm on Monday 6th June 2016.

Tickets @ £3 can be obtained from Ledbury Library – early booking is advised for this special event.

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