A Ledbury Farming Year 2015-16 Slideshow Now Available

Andrew Powers feeding new born lamb

Ledbury Food Group’s website now features a slide show of photographs from our exhibition “A Ledbury Farming Year 2015-16”

This 6 minute presentation tells the story, in photographs and sound effects, of a year in the working life of two independent producers just 2 miles from Ledbury in Little Marcle: sheep farmer Andrew Powers of Marcle Farming and organic vegetable grower John Davenport, owner of Little Marcle Farm Shop.

For a small market town Ledbury boasts a huge range of locally grown food. Its origin, quality and value are crucial to the local economy. Many of us have experienced the joy of tucking into a traditional sunday roast such as succulent lamb accompanied by delicious roast potatoes, carrots and green veg, but how often do we think about all the work that goes into that meal? And how many of us get the raw ingredients from local producers?

Ledbury Food Group wanted to capture the contemporary story of small local producers to highlight their value and inspire people to choose local produce from markets and shops in and around Ledbury. So we set about making a record of a Farming Year. As our first project we chose lamb and veg producers, and had an exhibition last year in the Master’s House. We also want the photographs to be more widely available, so the slide show – below – can also be viewed on our website Resources page.

Photographs by Ed Mustafic. Sound and video composition by David Hewitt

Ledbury is not alone in having many small producers, and we hope people from around Herefordshire and beyond, might find our presentation interesting. It is available to anyone who wishes to use it as an educational resource. To obtain a non “watermarked” copy please send an email to ask@ledburyfoodgroup.org.

We may also be able to arrange for one of our group, the farmers or photographer to come along to talk about the project.

John Davenport with lettuce


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