Thanks for making this year’s Ledbury Celebration so special!

Summer smiled on this year’s Ledbury Celebration – a special day featuring a food and drink market, musical and poetic plus Ledbury’s Heritage Buildings, all centred in historic St Katherine’s on the last day of the Ledbury Poetry Festival.

The new venue in St Katherine’s car park proved a perfect amphitheatre for music and poetry and the horseshoe lay out for market stalls created a warm friendly atmosphere. All the food and drink stalls featuring a fine array of local produce sold well, and many sold out.

The event organised by Ledbury Food Group with partners Ledbury Fringe, Ledbury Poetry Festival and Ledbury Town Council was very well attended particularly after the Sealed Knot’s parade through the High Street, many staying to enjoy a special local lunch while appreciating the musical and poetry performances.

Fran Robinson, Chair of Ledbury Food Group said, “We thank everyone for making the day an outstanding success. If you enjoyed the Ledbury Celebration why not come along to our Thursday Evening Market on 1st August from 6 to 8pm also in St Katherine’s at the Barn when even more local delicacies from local producers will be on offer.”

Ledbury Celebration 2019

Let us know what we could do better next year by emailing

Music from Hora Communitatil Romania, Ledbury Celebration 2019
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