When is local not local?

When it’s a jam!

Do you know how easy it is to create your own label jam?

What are you going to call it?

On sale locally recently was jam labelled “Ledbury Fine Foods” and “Great British Classics” complete with Union Jack.

Where do you think this was made?

Perhaps in Ledbury or its neighbourhood?

The answer is that the jam had in fact been made in Leicestershire by Bramble Foods.

We looked up Bramble Foods Ltd on the web. They are a well-established business in Market Harborough supplying a wide range of food products.

One of their services is providing personalised or own label products.

We have no problem with what Bramble Foods are doing – and there is nothing wrong with the quality of their jam.

But it is possible that product labelling may create a wrong impression in the eyes of the customer.

So…Beware! Remember when “buying local” to check the label if you don’t know the product.

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