The Big Apple 2021 is on!

The apples are ripening on the trees, the presses are standing by, and the time is fast approaching for the Big Apple to welcome visitors to the Herefordshire parishes of the Marcle Ridge continuing a thirty year tradition.

Sadly last year’s event was cancelled, but this year the organisers of the Big Apple have come up with a plan that will see all the usual venues in and around Much Marcle involved on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th October.

“Within 24 hours of asking them, all nine venues had expressed their enthusiasm to go ahead”, said spokesman Jackie Denman. “When we cancelled last year, we had lots of messages of support telling us that we had made the right decision, but also telling us that we would be much missed. So now we’re busy behind the scenes working on our programme, which will go online on on Monday 13th September. We can’t wait to get back!”

So put the 9th and 10th October in your diary – for your annual opportunity to enjoy the orchards, to see, hear and smell cider being made and to taste many different varieties of apples, local ciders, perries and apple juices, all of which has become an established part of the calendar for many people.

Familiar Big Apple venues will include Gregg’s Pit, Awnells Farm, Woodredding, Lyne Down, Pope’s Perry and Hellens, alongside regular attractions at Westons Cider.

We look forward to visiting this wonderful celebration of local produce!

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