The Ledbury Big Breakfast is coming…just not yet

We look forward to our annual breakfast treat – the Big Breakfast – but this year we will have to look forward for a bit longer.

Ledbury Food Group have postponed this year’s event from the end of January to Friday to Sunday, 11th to 13th March.

We have taken this decision because of the high number of Covid cases locally.  We want people to be confident to go out for a special breakfast, and for our venues to be confident that customers will turn out for this special event.

Hopefully this postponement will allow things to settle down.

All the venues are looking forward to serving you this year.

We have five places new to the event lined up – Pot and Page, The Corner Café, The Sunrise Café, The Ledberry and Janey’s – all in central Ledbury.

These join favourites The Feathers, The Talbot, The Malt House Gallery, The Market House Café, The Organic Café and the Seven Stars in Ledbury.  Outside town The Nest, Trumpet Corner and The Scrumpy House Restaurant (at Westons) will be joining the occasion.

For those who would like to cook their own, Wallers and Gurneys butchers, Handley Organics and Ceci Paolo plus our greengrocers and the weekly Country Market will all have local produce for you to create a special taste of Ledbury.

Provided things improve, full details of this year’s event will be available in late February.

In the meantime please continue to support our local food retailers and eateries as you are able in this quiet time of the year.

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