Organic produce

Business Name: Allison’s Kitchen
Business Genre: , ,
Business Phone Number: 01386 849111
Business Address: W4 Foods, Weston Industrial Estate, Honeybourne, Evesham WR11 7QB
Business Description: Hummus
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Business Name: Awnells Farm
Business Phone Number: 01531 660220
Business Address: Awnells Farm, Much Marcle, Herefordshire, HR8 2NW
Business Description: 220 acre grassland farm has an abundance of wildlife habitat and a closed herd of traditional Hereford cattle with an ancestry that dates back over 170 years.
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Business Name: Butford Organics
Business Phone Number: 01568 797195
Business Address: Butford Farm, Bowley Lane, Bodenham, Herefordshire HR1 3LG
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Business Name: Carey Organic
Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 01432 840959
Business Address: Carey Organics, Whitehorn Farm, Carey, HR2 6NG
Business Description: Organic fruit and vegetables.
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Business Name: Country Flavours
Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 01981 500005
Business Address: Country Flavours, Lower Bellamore Farm, Preston on Wye, Hereford, HR2 9JS
Business Description: Free range eggs and jams.
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Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 01594 544482
Business Address: Crooked End Farm, Crooked End, Ruardean, GL17 9XF
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Business Name: Handley Organics
Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 01531 632889 / 01885 482415
Business Address: Handley Organics, 5 High Street, Ledbury, HR8 1DS
Business Description: Organic delicatessen. Sells fruit and veg from own farm.
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