February Recipe: Cod, Fennel and Smoked Bacon Pie

fennelpotatobaconThe Bechamel sauce mentioned in the recipe is made in the usual way for making white sauce. However, you may not know that you can now buy something called ‘sauce flour’ to which you do not need to add any butter.  You just mix the flour with the milk and keep whisking until it comes to the boil, then allow it to simmer for a couple of minutes to cook out the raw flour taste.  You can also make a white sauce, using butter, the all in one way, by just mixing the butter, flour and milk and again whisking until it comes to the boil and then simmering for a couple of minutes. Read More »

Bird Life at Castle Fruit Farm

Goldcrest at Castle Fruit Farm
Goldcrest at Castle Fruit Farm

We are very keen to increase the biodiversity here at Castle Fruit Farm for all sorts of reasons.

Firstly, orchards are a wonderful habitat and have a unique part to play in maintaining the richness of our natural world which is being challenged in so many ways – by farming practices, by the insatiable demand for houses and over enthusiastic tidiness ! Read More »

Introducing ‘A Farming Year at Bentley’s Castle Fruit Farm’

Apples in frost at Castle Fruit Farm by Pat Strauss
Apples in frost at Castle Fruit Farm by Pat Strauss

The Ledbury Food Group would like to introduce its second Photography Project in the “Ledbury Farming Year” series. The purpose of these projects is to get an inside view of the workings of farms and producers in our area, so that we can relate more directly to them and understand the challenges and rewards facing the people who bring food to our tables. This year we will be featuring Bentleys Castle Fruit Farm near Dymock, and looking at not only the orchards, but at some of the issues facing a small commercial farm. As well as selling their fruit wholesale, it is sold at Jenkins greengrocers and seasonally at the Saturday market in Ledbury, the monthly produce market in Kempley and at food fairs in and around Ledbury. Read More »

Thanks for making the 5th Ledbury Big Breakfast a special weekend

Homend Bakery Tea Shop Big Breakfast 2017
Homend Bakery Tea Shop Big Breakfast 2017

Thanks to all those, residents and visitors, who joined in with one (or more) Ledbury breakfast in our cafes, hotels or pubs, or bought a special breakfast from our butchers and food shops.

Thanks of course to the 20 local independent businesses and their staff who took part in this year’s event for their originality in bringing local food and breakfast together in so many ways. Read More »

Discover Ledbury’s world of Chocolate

Velvet Bean 4 - croppedClassic Dark, Mulberry and Peach, Hazelnut, Coconut and Lime, Grappa and Garden Mint… These are just some of the flavours of chocolates made by chocolatier Ben Boyle of the renowned Velvet Bean chocolate shop in The Homend, Ledbury.

The Velvet Bean is Ledbury’s very own handmade chocolate company run by Ben and Melissa Boyle.  90% of stock is made on the premises.

Ben is joining Ledbury Food Group to tell us more about the origins of chocolate, and how chocolates are made.  It wouldn’t be chocolate event without a taste of the real thing – Ben will be encouraging you to try some of his specialities. Read More »

All ready for the Ledbury Big Breakfast

Knitted Breakfast at the Muse Cafe - Something that can’t be eaten this weekend!
Knitted Breakfast at the Muse Cafe – Something that can’t be eaten this weekend!

Ledbury’s shops, cafes, hotels and pubs are all ready for this week’s Ledbury Big Breakfast, and some are finding different ways of celebrating Ledbury’s breakfast weekend.

The Muse Café is raising money for the Mayor of Ledbury’s charity – running a sealed bid auction for a fabulous umbrella and with a raffle.

Llandinabo Farm Shop and Caffè No 21 will be announcing the winner of the design a sausage campaign on Friday.

Hay Wines are entering the spirit of the event with that most “breakfasty” of drinks – Bucks Fizz.

John Masefield High School staff are sitting down to a special Ledbury Big Breakfast before school on Friday.

Griff Holliday, organiser for Ledbury Food Group said, “It’s great that so many in and around Ledbury are taking part.  We hope everybody enjoys at least one breakfast.”

Full details of the event and booking details.