January Recipe: Oven Baked Beetroot Risotto with Blue Cheese

This is a delicious recipe and suitable for serving to vegetarians.  It is also very easy to do an oven baked risotto, no standing over the saucepan stirring for 20 minutes!  If you grow your own beetroot, or would prefer fresh to vacuum packed, by all means do cook it, this is a bit of a time saving operation, using the vacuum packed.  Fresh beetroot is available readily in Ledbury in our independent greengrocers’ and, of course, Handley Organics.

I love risottos and would eat them on a regular basis, but sadly my husband isn’t so keen, however, he does love beetroot, so this one ticks the boxes. Continue reading “January Recipe: Oven Baked Beetroot Risotto with Blue Cheese”

Winter Squash Recipes

I have had a wonderful crop of winter squash this year. They were slow to start with loads of flowers ( Turkoman Squash flowers are perfumed!) but no fruit til July, then each plant set one fruit. Crown and Turkoman squash grew well, but I don’t succeed with Butternut. The trick is good moist and warm soil – a compost heap is ideal ( a friend had huge plants and several fruits per plant on hers), but I did well in well manured soil and plenty of watering.

Winter Squash 2 (Medium)

So what to do with them?

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