An Invitation to Ledbury’s First Evening Farmers Market on Thursday 4th July

The Ledbury Food Group would like to invite you to join us at the launch of our Thursday Evening Farmers’ market on 4th July from 6 to 8 pm at The Barn, St Katherine’s. This week! The bar will be open till late and there will be live music.

You can try some unusual and delicious foods: vegetarian Gloucester cheeses – young and aged, Michelin-starred baking, pasture-fed lamb, bhajis and pakoras and much more. Hot food will also be available. Buy to take home for the evening, stock up for the weekend or just nibble your goodies from the market during the evening. Continue reading “An Invitation to Ledbury’s First Evening Farmers Market on Thursday 4th July”

Ledbury Celebration details now available for our 14th July event

Ledbury Food Group working with Ledbury Fringe, Ledbury Poetry Festival, and Ledbury Town Council bring you the best of local food and drink, accompanied by a feast of music and poetry by Ledbury’s historic Master’s House in St Katherine’s car park.

The event is on Sunday 14th July from 11am to 5pm with entertainment from 12 pm. Continue reading “Ledbury Celebration details now available for our 14th July event”

June Recipe: Roasted Aubergines, Goat’s Cheese and Smoked Paprika Tart

A seasonal quiche recipe for this month. Once again you can either make your own pastry or buy a good quality pastry. Baking blind requires you to fill the uncooked pastry case with baking beans (if you have them) or rice, which weighs the base down. Put baking parchment in first to line your tin and then you can easily lift out the beans or rice. This method prevents ‘soggy bottoms’ When you remove the beans give the case another 5 minute bake to dry the bottom out. You can paint it with egg wash first if you like to seal it, or sprinkle with a fine layer of semolina (a tip of my late Mother’s). This can be a main meal served with salad and new potatoes and is good for vegetarians. Continue reading “June Recipe: Roasted Aubergines, Goat’s Cheese and Smoked Paprika Tart”

New Ledbury Evening Farmers’ Market Starting 4th July

Ledbury Food Group is launching a new Thursday Evening Farmers’ Market with a difference at The Barn in St Katherine’s on Thursday 4th July. The Market will run monthly on the first Thursday of each month, from 6 to 8pm.

Fran Robinson told people about local farmers’ markets on Ledbury Community Day

There will be a bar – open until late, music and snacks to eat-in as well as provisions to take home. Stalls on 4th July will include freshly harvested organic vegetables, cakes and savoury pastries baked on the day, meats prepared specially for this market, charcuterie, pork pies, cheeses, chilli products, jams/chutneys, raw milk and ready meals. Continue reading “New Ledbury Evening Farmers’ Market Starting 4th July”

May Recipe: Brown Sauce

This is a somewhat different recipe but I can assure you it is delicious and it keeps so well. To sterilize your jars use your dishwasher and then put them in a low oven so they are just warm when you fill them. If the top of your jars is metal make sure a paper disk is between the sauce and the lid as the vinegar will affect the metal. I also cover mine with clingfilm. I have kept the sauce for over a year and it has still been fine. You can obviously halve the recipe. You might want to use rubber gloves when deseeding the chillies. Do not touch your eyes etc. as the juice will burn. The heat in chillies is in the seeds and pith.

Continue reading “May Recipe: Brown Sauce”

Ledbury Food Group asks would you like to help?

We are a group of volunteers passionate about supporting our local farmers, food producers and shops as a means of sustaining a thriving market town at the heart of this exceptional farming area.

We would like to welcome some new members to join our management team and help to maintain the Group’s activity. Currently the team is small (just five individual members supported by a producer and two town councillors).

We would also welcome new volunteers willing to become involved in a more general way, for example helping with a particular project or research, or with promotion and marketing including helping to develop the Group’s presence on social media. Continue reading “Ledbury Food Group asks would you like to help?”

It’s Time For Our Annual General Meeting

Our 6th Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 20th May at 7.00pm at the Talbot Hotel, New Street Ledbury.

Apart from the normal formal business of the AGM which is covered in the Meeting Agenda, we invite you to join us for an Open Session to chew the fat on local food issues.

190520 LFG Annual General Meeting Agenda 20th May 2019

Come along and find out what the Food Group has done in the past year and what we are doing in 2019.

Find out too how you could help us to achieve our aims as a member of our management team or as a volunteer.

Ledbury Food Group Would you like to help us 2019 Final

We would like to thank Andy Ward and his team at the Talbot for making their lovely panelled room available for this meeting.

Griff Holliday, Secretary

3rd May 2019