Photographic Exhibition – “A Fruit Farming Year: Nature and Nurture” May 26 – June 9

Wildflowers in the orchards at Castle Fruit Farm by Pat Strauss

Ledbury Food Group’s eagerly awaited photographic exhibition “A Fruit Farming Year: Nature and Nurture”, featuring photos by local photographer Pat Strauss, will be on display from 26 May – 9 June in the Panelled Room of the Master’s House.

Ledbury Food Group arranged for Pat to visited the family-run modern commercial orchards of Castle Fruit Farm throughout one farming year. Expecting perhaps a simple cycle of planting, growing and picking, we discover instead a myriad of diverse but interconnected activities. In winter, when the countryside appears dormant, we see workers juggling the weather to plant and protect young trees, alongside bird netting and counting, and putting up nesting boxes. Migrating birds are orchard “workers” too, clearing pests and cleaning up unharvested fruit.

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Where do I find fresh local greengrocery?

Many will have been disappointed by the recent closure of Gladwyn’s greengrocery shop in New Street Ledbury at the end of February as a result of the retirement from the business of the proprietors. Gladwyn’s were good at sourcing as much local produce as possible, and offered paper (not plastic) bags, bird food and amazing free range eggs. One of our members wrote to us about the eggs:

… some of which were so large they didn’t fit in normal egg boxes. I hope you can find out who actually supplied them with these lovely eggs, so I can continue to buy them.

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March Recipe – Terrine of Venison with Juniper and Pistachio Nuts

I am sure you all know that a terrine is served as a starter and this one would freeze quite successfully after it has been chilled in the fridge.  I would normally serve a terrine with toast and some salad leaves but this is entirely up to you.  Two of our local butchers have venison available and would, I am sure, mince it for you if asked and you do not have the necessary equipment. Continue reading “March Recipe – Terrine of Venison with Juniper and Pistachio Nuts”

The Secret Life of Cows with Rosamund Young – at the Master’s House, Ledbury on Tuesday 13 March

There are still some tickets available to hear Rosamund Young talk about her many observations about the cows on her farm.

Rosamund lives and works at an organic farm, Kites Nest, on the edge of the Cotswolds, where she continues a tradition of treating animals as individuals with varied personalities. A casual comment from Alan Bennett in his diaries turned Rosamund Young into the unexpected publishing sensation of 2017. Continue reading “The Secret Life of Cows with Rosamund Young – at the Master’s House, Ledbury on Tuesday 13 March”

Ledbury Country Market on ‘I Escaped to the Country’

You may be aware that Ledbury Country Market featured recently on the TV program ‘I Escaped to the Country’. If you missed the program we are pleased to show here the four minute section that covers our Country Market, courtesy of Graham Wood who appears in it.

Thanks to Nikki Chapman of Boundless West Productions for permission to publish this clip.

Ledbury Country Market runs from 8.30am to 1.00pm every Friday at the Burgage Hall.

February Recipe: Rhubarb and Vanilla Trifle

I hope you enjoy this recipe, it is a little bit different from ordinary trifles. Do use full fat milk when making the custard for this trifle.  If you want to cut back on the fat content you can always put natural yoghurt on the top instead of double cream.  In fact I use natural yoghurt a lot in place of cream, such as on my pavolas which are very sweet in any case.  I think you could use an alternative to strawberry jam if you have other jams in stock, although strawberries and rhubarb go surprisingly well.  I think marmalade would also work as rhubarb and orange is a good combination. Continue reading “February Recipe: Rhubarb and Vanilla Trifle”