Ledbury becomes a centre for viticulture…again

In the middle ages the slopes of Wall Hills flourished with the Bishop of Hereford’s vineyard. Ledbury is again becoming a centre for vine growing and wine production with the development of new vineyards, replacing orchards, on the southern slopes of Wall Hills at Redbank. Find out about how Haygrove Evolution is developing its viticulture business in this article from The Vineyard Magazine by following this link http://www.vineyardmagazine.co.uk/grafting-away/

Cultivation of vines at Haygrove Evolution, Ledbury. Photo by Simon Day

Local Grower Minimises Single-Use Plastics

Photo by Ed Mustafic

If we look to our local food growers, they are doing their best to provide their high quality produce in sustainable packaging, and not use single-use plastic – not always an easy ask as John Davenport explains.

At Flights Orchard Farm and through The Little Marcle Farm Shop, John tries to minimise the use of single-use plastic for his organic produce.

John says “If we don’t need to pack anything, we don’t! At the shop customers choose their organic fruit and vegetables, pay for it, and take it home in their own bags. Continue reading “Local Grower Minimises Single-Use Plastics”

Blossomtime in Putley with The Big Apple Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May 2018

Putley is preparing for the annual celebration of its orchards, which this year will take place on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May. Blossomtime in Putley is centred on a cider tasting in the village hall, based on entries from the Big Apple Cider and Perry Trials with over 150 ciders and perries available to taste – including our highest ever number of dry ciders.

Together with its surrounding parishes, Putley is famous for its orchards, and the mix of dessert and cider fruit means that there will be blossom somewhere at this time of year. Visitors can walk through the orchards, taste the ciders, enjoy a home-made lunch or tea – and discover for themselves why orchards are special places and apples matter to us all. On Monday morning, the Skittery family will welcome visitors to see how Jus, their award winning single variety apple juice, is made at Birchall Farm in Aylton. Continue reading “Blossomtime in Putley with The Big Apple Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May 2018”

Photographic Exhibition – “A Fruit Farming Year: Nature and Nurture” May 26 – June 9

Wildflowers in the orchards at Castle Fruit Farm by Pat Strauss

Ledbury Food Group’s eagerly awaited photographic exhibition “A Fruit Farming Year: Nature and Nurture”, featuring photos by local photographer Pat Strauss, will be on display from 26 May – 9 June in the Panelled Room of the Master’s House.

Ledbury Food Group arranged for Pat to visited the family-run modern commercial orchards of Castle Fruit Farm throughout one farming year. Expecting perhaps a simple cycle of planting, growing and picking, we discover instead a myriad of diverse but interconnected activities. In winter, when the countryside appears dormant, we see workers juggling the weather to plant and protect young trees, alongside bird netting and counting, and putting up nesting boxes. Migrating birds are orchard “workers” too, clearing pests and cleaning up unharvested fruit.

Continue reading “Photographic Exhibition – “A Fruit Farming Year: Nature and Nurture” May 26 – June 9″

So Harvest is Over …

Cider apple tree shaking by Pat Strauss

So harvest is over ! Our Summer family of pickers are mostly homeward bound after a very busy and lucrative time here. They go home to their communities hoping for good snow as many of them work in the ski business in the winter. They were a good crew and we hope we will see most of them next year. Continue reading “So Harvest is Over …”

Local is the word at Trumpet Corner Tea Room and Art Gallery

We are very lucky in Ledbury and District to have some super places to eat – a view confirmed by entries on Trip Advisor. What is more, most of these feature food and drink products from the local district.

When Jo Stephens took on the Trumpet Corner Tea Room and Art Gallery just over 2 years ago she realised the importance of using local produce. “People appreciate good quality food from local sources and our regular customers recognise that local sourced food means keeping money in the local economy.” Continue reading “Local is the word at Trumpet Corner Tea Room and Art Gallery”